Mission, History, and Philosophy

      The Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo Association of Philadelphia's mission is to increase the community's knowledge, perception, and understanding of the martial arts and each individual's contribution to the community. The student is taught respect for the laws and encouraged to be a productive member of the community. The Koga Ha coordinates mind and body with a value and belief system that recognizes the sanctity of life and seeks to preserve it, thereby teaching true self defense.

Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu is a very old martial art system that traces its beginnings to a Buddhist monk called Bohidharma, or Daruma (Tao Mo). This Buddhist monk (28th Patriarch) trained monks in the True Self Defense at the Shaolin Temple in China. In Japan, the art of Shaolin Chung Fa was translated to Shorin Kempo. Shorin is Japanese for Shaolin and the Koshoji monks of Japan combined the Shaolin Chung Fa system from China with the Japanese martial arts system of Jiujitsu. Fifteen hundred years ago, a Mitose (Shinto Priest) who had studied, taught, and mastered many sciences and different martial art systems, established a school, and called his style the "Mitose System".

In the 13th century, a descendant of Grand Master Mitose changed his religion to Buddhism and for many seasons prayed and meditated under an old pine tree. It is said that a "system" of escaping from attackers with no body contact was revealed to him. This Buddhist/Shinto system became the Koga Ha Shorei Ryu Kempo Dance/Escaping Arts, and was taught to the priest/monks in the Kosho Temple, training them in medicine, mathematics, ethics, and health.

There are eight forms/systems in the Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo system:

-Kempo Arts
-Japanese Yoga
-Nutrition/Healing Arts
-Energy Collection
-Temple Dance/Escaping Arts

The highest form of the Mitose family's system is the Temple Dance/Escaping Arts, because it encompasses all the forms. This true self defense Temple Dance/Escaping Art system has been passed down from father to son and Grand Master to Grand Master through 21 descendants. These systems, in conjunction with the Coat of Arms and Motto have been passed down and taught to the Honorable Head Master, Menkyo Hanshi Nimr R. Hassan, by the Great Grand Master James M. Mitose, 21st descendant of the system.

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