Mountain Division

Special recognition goes to the Pioneers in Canada who established, developed and maintains the only Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo School in Canada. This process was not easy and encountered many trying times.

Located above the lower 48 states (USA) this Kempo school has been named the Mountain Division.  Also, the school is the keeper and protector of Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo archival information.

Menkyo Sensis' are Dan Megill, Connie Megill, Richard Bear and Micheal Megill.

Over the years the teachers and students in the Mountain Division have overcome geography, illness and challenges to provide the population in Canada with true martial arts.

Geographically the school is furthest from the Koga Ha schools in Philadelphia.  To overcome this challenge the Mountain Division has traveled from Canada to the United States to study at the main school in Philadelphia.

The 'Mountain' Division has developed a network of Canadian and International contacts with Masters, teachers, students and schools throughout the world.  The information distributed by the 'Mountain' Division has been an asset to martial artist who are interested in learning the Kempo system as taught by the late GGM Mitose.

One of the many projects the 'Mountain' school is engaged in is the development of a book. The book addresses the interpretation of Mitose's Book II, What is True Self Defense?.  Many people who have or had Mitose's second book could not and have not been able to interpret its esoteric teaching.

In conjunction with Menkyo Sensi Micheal Megill and Amy Pigden; Menkyo Hanshi Hassan will provide the insight that will address the issues of patterns, philosophy and daily usage of the information found in the book.

2007 International Hall of Fame

Congratulations on the World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame nominations!

Menkyo Hanshi N.R. Hassan, Ma. Human Services, Philadelphia, PA, Grandmaster-Continued Excellence Award.

Menkyo Renshi Terry A. Lee, BS, Kansas City, MO, National Instructor of the Year Award. Renshi Lee is the National Director for the development of Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo schools for First Nation people on several reservations in South and North Dakota.

Menkyo Sensi George R. Battle, BA, Philadelphia, PA, Regional Instructor of the Year Award. Sensi Battle has developed security and protection programs for Religious Institutions and their members throughout the Delaware Valley.

Menkyo Sensi R. Mansur Lucas, Ma. Visually Impaired, Asheboro, NC, Master of the Year Award. Sensi Lucas has developed a program for training Visually Impaired persons using the Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo system.

Menkyo Sensi Baahir Y. Muwwakkil, PA (P), Philadelphia, PA, Master of the Year Award. Sensi Muwwakkil has developed Executive Protection training methods for Dignitary personnel throughout the United States.

Master Pedro Bennett of the Venn Kempojujitsu, Ma. Chemistry, Rhode Island, Master of the Year Award. Master Bennett has developed after school programs for youth in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He is also pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemistry.

The Hall of Fame seminars/banquet is scheduled for, May 25th – 26th, in Orlando, FL.

Book written by GM Nimr Hassan and Dr. William Durbin available for purchase at lulu.com!

The Kempo History of James Masayoshi Mitose
Nimr Hassan and William Durbin

--Excerpted from Ideas and Habits
The Kempo History of James Masayoshi Mitose

What are ideas and habits? Why should a student address the issues of their ideas and habits? Ideas are what we believe our actions and responses will be in a crisis. These mental pictures or plans of action are sometimes merely imagined without corresponding reality. Habits on the other hand are our actions and responses in a crisis. Both concepts are addressed in Mitoses’ Text book 1 ‘What is Self Defense’ (1981). They are addressed through the practicing and mastery of the skills and drills.

Mitose taught that these ideas were based on vague knowledge and what he called “preconceived ideas….and misinformation” (Mitose, 1981) pg.105. He also taught that the use of these preconceived ideas and misinformation could cause the student injury/harm or injury to someone else... Students’ ideas/concepts about their actions and behavior in crisis situations often differ from their actual behavior and habits in a crisis. To provide students with a physical means in understanding the differences between their ideas and habits, Mitose used the theoretical and practical application octagons.

Theoretical and practical application octagons provide students with avoidance and escape patterns from physical, mental, or spiritual assaults and attacks against his/her self. The theoretical and practical octagons are training instruments that allow the student to review and evaluate their behavior(s) in either a controlled theoretical format or a reactionary practical application format.

2006 International Hall of Fame Nomination

Menkyo Hanshi Hassan has been nominated by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council under the category: Living Legend ~ Senior Student of James Mitose.

The banquet/seminar is scheduled for, May 26-28, 2006, in Orlando, FL.

Seminars will be provided during this exciting three day event by various Grandmasters/Masters.

Menkyo Hanshi Hassan's seminar: response and counter response to street attacks is scheduled for Friday, May 26, 2006, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Assisting with the seminar will be Menkyo Sensi George Battle. This eye-opening seminar is one you do not want to miss!

Congratulations!! Grandmaster (GM) Hassan was nominated and selected by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council (WHFSC) as Pennsylvania’s International GM of the Year.

The ceremony took place, September 2, 2005, at the WHFSC’s Hall of Fame in Orlando, FL.

Also, the WHFSC recognized Menkyo Hanshi Hassan as Head of Family Soke of the Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo system.

Congratulations!! Menkyo Sensi Randy Lucas (right) from Asheboro, N.C. completed all the requirements of the Law Enforcement Restraining & Training course given by Dr. William Rankin.

Also, the Ryu would like to announce Menkyo Sensi Lucas’ book on the visually impaired coming out in late ’06.

Congratulations!! GM Nimr R. Hassan completed all the requirements of Lincoln University's Graduate program!

GM Hassan received a master’s degree in Human Resources.


Golden Life Achievement – Grand Master Hasaan, Apprentice Master – Randy Lucas, Master of The Year - George Battle, Mimi Elliott, Terry Lee, Connie and Dan Megill, and Renaldo Worrell; Woman of the Year - Linda Paris-Pace, Rev. Elisabeth C. Smart, Gail P. Wilson; Man of the Year - Nimr Hasaan and Karim A. Jones; Outstanding Martial Artist – Nimr Hassan; Student of the Year – Eugene A. Pelzer; Public Servant of the Year - Gavin C. Rogers, and Gregory D. Riddick

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