Congratulations to Menkyo Sensi R. Mansur Lucas and wife, Heidi, in West Virginia on the birth of their son Joshua Michael Lucas. Young Lucas weighted 7lbs. 10 oz. Mother and baby are both doing well. Menkyo Sensi Lucas has a Masters in Orientation and Mobility Therapy and a Masters in Rehabilitation and Counseling. Menkyo Sensi Lucas is developing an Instructors Manual on the usage of Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo as it pertains to the visually impaired. We are all looking forward to this manual.

Congratulations to Menkyo Sensi Renaldo Worrell for receiving his Masters of Science in Education (MSED) from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Menkyo Sensi Worrell also graduated Sum Cun Laude from Temple University’s School of Education with a degree in Early Child Development in 2008. Menkyo Sensi Worrell is developing an Instructors Manual on the usage of Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo (Koga Ha Kempo) with children from 2nd thru 6th grade.

Congratulations to Menkyo Renshi Terry A. Lee and Menkyo Reshi Bashir R. Hassan for their professional and educational presentations during the Koga Ha Kempo’s seminar at the World Head Of Family Sokeship Council’s 2008 Hall of Fame. Menkyo Renshi Lee resides in Missouri and is involved in the organization of First Nation people throughout three states (SD, ND and MO).

Menkyo Renshi Hassan is from Florida and is in the process of attaining his Commercial Pilot Licenses. Menkyo Renshi Hassan demonstrated his piano abilities to the Grand Masters and Masters from Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Philippians and the U.S.A. with two renditions of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s. Menkyo Renshi Hassan was requested to perform the next night, but he graciously refused.

The Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo members arrived at the World Head of Family Sokeship Council’s (WHFSC) Hall of Fame, held in San Antonio, Texas on May 23-24th, 2008 safely. There were six teachers (one Grand Master, two Menkyo Renshi's and three Menkoy Sensi's)and two Kiri Kamis.

Members of the contingency who were being inducted into the WHFSC Hall of Fame: Menkyo Sensi(s) Bashir R. Hassan, Gregory Riddick, Baahir Y. Muwakkil, and Renaldo Worrell also Kiri Kami E.C. Smart and Gail P. Wilson.

Attending this event with the Koga Ha Kempo family was Ms. L. Thornton and Mrs. G. Worrell with new baby.

Koga Ha Kempo presentation: The Ryu presented the Bio Medical Ethics seminar with emphasis on Medical and Legal implications of the use of Martial Arts and/or Self Defense techniques. The participants are given several Koga Ha Kempo Temple Dance and Escaping Arts patterns and then asked to utilize the wazi that are part of their systems. In addition, the participants are required to execute, at minimum, three distinct and different moves for each series of moves. They were also instructed that no series of moves could be repeated. The purpose for these directions is force the participant to use skills and techniques that are seldom practiced. This type of demand will highlight the participants Habits vs. their Ideas.

Congratulations to Menkyo Sensi Baahir Y. Muwakkil from Philadelphia, PA in his successful submission of Master Fred L. LaSala (3 time World Championship Title ISKA, 3 time State Championship, inductee into the Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Wide World of Sports silver medal in a Jujitsu competition and also seen on the Discovery Channel’s documentary, “Extreme Martial Arts").

Menkyo Sensi Muwakkil engaged in a two year study of the fad of Grappling and Submission for his Renshi ranking. Menkyo Sensi Muwakkil is developing an Instructors Manual on the usage of the Koga Ha Kempo traditional systems vs. Grappling and Submission. The final phase of Sensi Muwakkil course was the practical application. Sensi Muwakkil submitted Master Fred LaSala in 20 seconds.

Menkyo Sensi has answered that age old question, “what can the Koga Ha Kempo do against a grappler?” The answer, “submit them under a minute.”

Classes with Grandmaster Hassan at the Mt Airy Recreation Center

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